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Salt Lake City, Utah – The annual Sigma Chi Night to Conquer Cancer event is more than six months away but for Andrew Stott, founder and executive board member, preparations for the event are already underway. When he founded the inaugural charity event in 2009 they rose close to $30,000 for Huntsman Cancer Research and every year he has tried to help build on that success.

Andrew Stott was very active in the first event and was important to its inaugural success as his personal relationship with the former owners of the La Caille restaurant helped secure the location for the event. But Stott is quick to point to the actions of others as what really made the event function as well as it did.

“Matt Hansel (Sigma Chi President) and the rest of the chapter are who really made this event successful,” Stott said. “Without all the tables they sold and the items they were able to secure for the silent auction, we would have not been able to do as well as we did.”

The inaugural event in 2009 did better than expected by raising as much as it did and that early momentum has helped fuel the event to be just as successful in 2010 and 2011. Stott’s involvement in the last two events has not been as active as the first, but the connections that he created for the Sigma Chi house have allowed them to continue the event at La Caille as well as gain many of the same sponsors they had in that inaugural event. This has helped make the event one of the most successful charity events at the University of Utah and the most successful on the University of Utah Greek Row.

Stott gives all the credit to the Sigma Chi presidents who have been able to maintain the momentum of the event and continue to expand on it. “The original event was an honor to be a part of, but at the same time a very stressful one,” Stott explained. “It has been great being able to sit back and watch as each year the chapter has been able to bring in new aspects to the event and make it even better. It is truly impressive to see these young men take charge of such an important event that could have an impact on someone’s life.” Now that he has taken on a formal position as a Sigma Chi alumni he will again take charge of the event that he helped get off the ground and he hopes that he will not only continue its success but build on it further. The thought of which he says is, “both exciting and nerve wracking,” because he understands just how important the fundraiser money is too many people all across the country.

Stott has long been involved in charity events all across Utah, even before the Huntsman Cancer event. As a member of Shriners Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City he makes regular visits to do many charity events. He has also done charity walks and marathons but he says that none have the same personal weight that the Sigma Chi cancer event does because of his intense involvement in the design of it and the understanding he has gained of the impacts of cancer. Having personal relationships with people who have been impacted by cancer has brought a new light to the event and has inspired him to continue to try and make the event even bigger.

“It’s my hope that this year we can raise more money than any other year of the charity and keep the momentum going so that this event continues to grow into the future,” he said.


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