About Me

My experience as an economics major at the University of Utah has also sparked my desire to learn more about the news industry and to pursue a career in the financial world. I am currently working on getting my bachelor’s degree in economics and will be graduating May 2012 with over four years of economic experience.

For the last two and a half years I have worked in the benefits and insurance industry as a premium administrator for CBIZ. In this position I have worked directly with major clients as well major insurance companies to resolve any financial discrepancies discovered during my auditing process. During my time spent at CBIZ I have received a great deal of training in the financial sector as one of my key responsibilities is the reconciliation of invoices that exceeded into the millions on an annual basis.

The past six months have resulted in a change of my responsibilities at CBIZ as I have began to move towards the business development side with the idea that eventually I would take on a producer role. In this move I have received training in the brokerage aspect of the industry and am also licensed to sell insurance in Utah. It is my strong desire to learn and my ability to quickly grasp advanced concepts that set me apart. My consistency and drive to achieve success have driven me to pursue this career path. I am excited for the opportunity to show my unique skill set. I thank you for your time and I look forward to future correspondence.


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